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AvecSynth Arduino library initial commit

It’s quick and dirty but it’s here and seems to work!  The initial library offering for the highly anticipated BrainMux AvecSynth MIDI Synthesizer Arduino Shield.  Features include, message recording via MIDI port to a buffer and playback of either recorded or static message buffers.  More to come!  This is an extension of the Arduino MIDILibrary*, so you will need that installed as well for things to work.  We have included a very basic example sketch which reads in the first 32 MIDI messages received on channel one, then plays them back (annoyingly!) in a loop.

That’s it for now!  Check back often for updates!  Keep an eye on our github page for code progress (maybe if you’re lucky you’ll get some comments ;)).  Pre-order your AvecSynth today at Kickstarter!

Code @ github


* If you’re using version >= 1.0 of the Arduino IDE and version <= 3.1 of MIDILibrary, you’ll need to make a slight modification to get things to compile since MIDILibrary hasn’t been updated yet.  At the top of MIDI.cpp, #include <WConstants.h> needs to be changed to #include <Arduino.h>. That should be it, you’re good to go!